You may have noticed some privacy related screens related to Timehop’s implementation of the new European GDPR regulations. Here are some helpful answers the common questions we've gotten.


What did you guys do?
In advance of the deadline for the new European law, GDPR, we’ve once again asked users to review the agreements under which we operate. As when you first signed up for Timehop, we are requiring users to review and accept our Privacy policy.

We launched our GDPR changes in advance of the deadline - May 25. Many companies seem to be electing to wait until the very last minute to launch their changes, so right now it can look like Timehop is doing something no one else is doing. This is not the case. If you live in Europe, you will be seeing similar updates to virtually all of the apps and websites you use in the next week or so. We are just doing it early.


What did you guys change?
Timehop didn’t change in any significant way. We’re not trying to slip some new secret right past you. When you first signed up for Timehop, you accepted a privacy policy that is substantially similar to the one we are presenting you now. If anything, in reviewing our privacy policy for GDPR, we tightened up our privacy policy in favor of your privacy and control, clarifying some things that were overly broad, and deleting some passages that were no longer applicable. The new privacy policy does not give Timehop any new rights.


I don’t want you guys to be able to email me marketing messages but I still want to use Timehop. That’s not cool that you guys require me to give you that permission to use the app.
We don’t. That was a little unclear with the options and dialog box, and we are working to make this more clear. We apologize. If you want to continue using Timehop, but don’t want us to send marketing messages, don’t check the marketing email box. It is optional.


I don’t want to give Timehop any rights to my data, but I want to still use the app.
This isn’t possible, for the simple reason that Timehop is, essentially, a product that stores your data (for a short time - seven days) and gives it back to you in a fun and interesting way. If we don’t have the right to store your data, Timehop cannot function. That is the entire purpose of the app.


It’s not cool that you are requiring me to accept this privacy policy to use the app. I should be able to use the app without accepting the policy.
This, too, isn’t possible. Timehop is a data-storage and delivery app at its core. We would be breaking the law by storing your data without an agreement from you. The app would cease to function.


Okay, but I don’t want to give Timehop the right to use my anonymized data to ad partners but I still want to use the app.
We can’t afford to run Timehop without ads, and it is impossible to run an ad without using some anonymized data - if nothing else, the country you are in. It is important to note we do not pass along any of your personally identifiable data. We don’t use your name, your birthday, any of the information that we store from your social media accounts. All of this is kept strictly private from advertisers. It always has been.


I would pay for the app so that I don’t have to share any of my data - even anonymized data.
That is so cool! You are, unfortunately, a rare person. We'd love to hear this feedback so definitely let us know. While we have thought about building a paid and ad-free version of Timehop, we are a very small team on a limited budget, and it would be a very complex undertaking. We’d like to do it someday, but right now it just isn’t possible. And even if we charged for Timehop, we would still need you to sign a privacy policy, because GDPR requires it for non-advertising services such as our hosting company and customer support partner.


I want to delete my account, but I can’t do it without accepting this policy.
Yeah, we understand that's not clear. You can click through the policy and then delete your account, as instructed, and it would revoke the policy and your account would be deleted. We will fix that, but as always you can email and we will take care of it.


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