Our Privacy Policy (In real human english!)

It's important that we make it very clear how your privacy is important to us. To that end, we would like you to review our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, in non-legalese.

We recognize that Timehop might have access to a lot of your data if you have a large number of services connected. Please know that we do not store your data from these services - we grab seven days worth of data to make your Timehop work, and then we delete it. We do not permanently retain any of your social media data. Local photos and content are never uploaded or stored for any reason, they stay private to you.

Timehop does not sell your data.

We won’t send you marketing emails if you don’t want us to. This is an optional opt-in, changeable at any time.

Timehop is powered by advertising, it's what keeps the app free and the company able to keep building. For this, we share anonymized data with our advertising partners, including your gender, age and approximate location.

We do not share your name or email with anyone, with two exceptions: When you make a support request, our support software provider (Zendesk) can see your name and email. And we use Amazon AWS for cloud storage of Timehop data. We have signed contracts with both of these providers ensuring your confidentiality.

If you do not wish to use Timehop, you can delete your account at any time in settings using the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen, or emailing us at When you delete your account, all of the data Timehop has that belongs to you will be deleted.

We hope this sheds light on how we treat your privacy and data here at Timehop, and as always will update this with any information that changes.


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