I can't upload my Twitter archive

Are you an avid Tweeter? Twitter-er? Tweety? Tweetophile? (ok you get the idea..) So, Twitter only gives us your most recent 3200 tweets. We know, we wish that wasn't the case either. But! The good news is, there is a way to get all of your Tweets into Timehop! 

To get the rest of your tweets in Timehop, follow these steps: 

  1. From a computer (not a laptop or tablet), visit and follow the instructions to receive your archive file from Twitter. 


2. Once you receive your archive file, go back to to import it. 



 Now, this next step  is VERY IMPORTANT! 


Ok, ok, so its not *that* big of a deal. But it is important! Be sure to import the .zip file, all bundled up and compressed! IF YOU UPLOAD ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE ZIP FILE, YOU WILL GET AN ERROR! Sry, didn't mean to yell. But seriously, this trips people up a lot. 

The file should look like this: 



SUCCESS! You should start seeing your tweets in Timehop within 24 hours. 



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