Your Memories

You can expect to see the following memories in your Timehop day:


  • Wall posts 
  • Events 
  • Photos
  • Albums

Ex: Pictures from your birthday party! Random wall posts from your college roommate! Info about an event you said you were going to but then probably didn't go to! 


  • Tweets 
  • Twitter Photos 
  • @replies

Ex: Your very emotional reactions to GoT episodes! 


  • Posted pictures
  • Posted videos  

Ex: Pictures of you and your BFFs at the beach! The most amazing cheeseburger of all time! Your niece on the first day of school! 

Google Photos

  • Saved Photos and videos 

iCloud Photos

  • Saved Photos and videos 

Camera Roll 

  • Saved photos and videos 

Dropbox Photos 

  • Saved Photos and videos 





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