I'm having a problem with my streak!

Oh no. That shouldn’t happen :(

If you’re opening the app everyday, your streak should not be interrupted. If you miss a day, you will be given one chance (one opportunity!) to watch a streak save video to restore your streak. If you choose not to view the video, your streak will be reset to 1.

Note: Streak save is currently available on iOS only. It will be available for Android soon!

Some reasons why your streak might go back to 1:

  • You went on a super awesome hike up mount Everest! Good news: amazing views, awesome story, pinnacle of human achievement. Bad news: No cell service or wifi :(
  • You dropped your phone into a sewer and then didn’t replace it for a day or two (shockingly, that’s been reported more than once)
  • You opened the app on Monday, forgot on Tuesday but didn’t get to the end of your day (we get it, you’re busy!), then opened on Wednesday to the shock and horror of a reset streak. Yikes
  • You plum forgot to open the app for a day or two. You’re human! It happens!

Having said that, we keep pretty good tabs on things on our end so if you really and truly feel your streak was reset in error, reach out to support@timehop!



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